WhyFly is back alive!

Dear members, supporters and readers,

Why Fly’s website was attacked by a Russian made malware virus on August 15th. Together with 10 other sites of the 31 I currently run and manage. It was able to get in because of 3 seconds inattentiveness from yours truly. And it has cost me dearly. I have been working day and night for the past 10 days to get things cleaned up.

For Why Fly this has ultimately resulted in not only cleaning the entire site, but also moving it to another host, re-building everything basically, and restoring the database backup of Augst 13th.

So what you see now is entirely re-built, with the risk of having missed something here or there. Should you find any problems, then please report them to either me or Glenn at our support e-mail (see ‘Contacts’). One of the reasons we had to relocate was to cut on cost, so you may find the site a tad slower than before. But hey, it’s still free !

We greatly appreciate your patience through all this and hope to be seeing you visiting regularly again as you did before. Glenn is hard at work to add new content over the coming weeks, and so is Michelle. Stay tuned and check back regularly.

Yours Truly,

François Dumas
Why Fly Inc.


  1. Glad to have you Back!

  2. Good job Francois!

  3. So glad you got it “sorted” Francois. I am thanking my lucky stars that none of the sites I designed for people have had issues. Welcome back WF!

  4. Thanks folks !

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