We’re back… sort of !

To all those who kept coming back, wondering what happened, THANK YOU. To all those visiting here for the first time, maybe just curious….. welcome!

Yes, we’ve been ‘dormant’ for almost a year. NOT what we had envisaged 2 years ago, and not what we wanted. But lets face it, ‘life’ sometimes takes on a life of its own, throwing things upside down, inside out or the opposite way.

Glenn and Michelle have had – more than – their fair share of problems, and I, well, I’ve just been too busy trying to scrape a modest living together too. And WhyFly.aero got to be at the short side of the stick.


But, it is not forgotten, and most certainly not dead. Glenn and I agreed to start working on it again, albeit in a somewhat more relaxed fashion. Where we were intent on having new content every two or three days, we now acknowledge that this is just not feasible currently. Where we were hoping for some donations to keep us afloat, and at least ‘budget neutral’ as our accountants put it so eloquently, we’re still paying all of it out of our own little savings. Well, so be it.

We all still feel that WhyFly has a valid place on the Internet and in our – and YOUR – lives, and we are fully intending on continuing it. So we have gaps in publishing content. It will just make it more of a surprise to our readers when we DO have something new once every while. We hope Michelle will have more of her awesome photos, Glenn can find more writers, or just tell his own tales, and that YOU will continue to venture back and see what’s new. And heck, if I find a few minutes to spare I’ll be happy to bore you with my flying stories once in a while too.
I guess that in the end WhyFly will become what the three of us wanted it to be in the first place: a labour of aviation love that we can freely share with you, our readers.

Lets keep the oily side own!


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