Website ‘issues’

Yes, we have a few ‘issues’. One being most photos and videos having disappeared when we were attacked by hackers a few years ago. I then had to re-start the entire site, in another place, with another ‘theme’….. after which we all headed in different directions and time got the better of us.

So now I am working on re-starting the ‘new’ website once more, and just remembered….. oops….. no pictures.

So I’ll be trying to get them back somehow, dig them up from the various terabyte disks filled with junk…. errrrrmmm.. data, and asking Glenn for help. Oh yeah, that will be an exercise in shared stress !

Nina and I commuting between The Netherlands and Italy now, and living in a place that has even worse internet than Glenn’s and Michelle’s, makes it even more ‘interesting’ 🙂

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