Video: The Tiger Boys and Girl

In 1971, Richard Bach decided to take two “hippie kids” off the streets of New York, fly them half way across America in small, light aircraft and “straighten them out.” Why Fly’s Glenn Norman & Michelle Goodeve were invited to fly along and the ensuing Bach article, “Anywhere is Okay” became an aviation classic—immortalized in Bach’s book, “A Gift of Wings.” (Mind you—in retrospect—Norman and Goodeve have come to the conclusion that the two “Hippies,” Joey Giovenco and Chris Kask, actually straightened them out.)

Fast forward to a few years ago. Norman & Goodeve discovered “Hippie Joe” and his partner, Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Tom Vetter, owned and operated TVRE Productions, just a few hours south in Buffalo, N.Y. The Why Fly couple invited “Joey G. & Tommy V.” to visit them at The Tiger Boys’ hangars in Guelph Air Park. And as Joe and Tom just happened to bring their video cameras along, the following short film evolved.

Why Fly deeply appreciates Joey and Tom’s agreement to show this lovely film on Why Fly. It manages to capture so much of the passion behind the dream Tom Dietrich and his friends have turned into one of the most unique “Flying Museums” in the world.

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About the Filmmakers

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  1. Great video and nice to see some familiar faces.

    Am still hoping you will start a Flight Simulator section to the magazine……..

    Good luck with the whole project.

    Al Gay
    Flight Ontario

  2. Hi Al,

    With Hal and I involved, you bet there will be some sim content!

    I’ve heard great things about Flight Ontario by the way. (I’ll check it out so I can be a virtual Tiger Boy until I get out there for real one day …)


  3. I will help you guys all I can. Let me know what you need. I need something else to sink my teeth into.

  4. Breathtaking photo’s…always inspiring , thanks

  5. … and they already have a few flightsim guys lined up and ready to help out, too !! 😉

    Great content so far !!!

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