Arlington Fly-in Report

Regular visitors to Why Fly will know all about Glenn Mathews, but now it’s time for his wife to shine. Kate Beckett has been putting her camera to good use as of late, and has kindly agreed to share some of her Images with Why Fly. We’re pleased, and proud, to welcome out latest Contributor to “The Why Fly Family.” Here’s Kate’s first Photo Essay of the recent Fly-In at Arlington, Washington, U.S.A.

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Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear (Episode 16) “The Winter Wonderland Flying Circus”

In Episode #16: Originally planned as “Enter Richard Bach,” Glenn changed the title to “The Winter Wonderland Flying Circus” for reasons which will soon become obvious. The original title will now apply to a later Episode, when Richard really did enter Glenn & Michelle’s lives in a most unusual way. But right now – let’s go Barnstorming … in the Canadian winter!

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Glenn Matthews Goes Wing Walking!

Accompanying Chapter 5 of his life story, Glenn Matthews found this old bit of film footage of the Wing Walk he did. It is shot with an old 8mm camera, so the quality is not ‘digital’. Nonetheless we wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!

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