Why Fly’s Michelle Goodeve turns her camera onto the object of her affection – the sky itself – in her latest Photo Essay, simply titled: “Sky”

Use your mouse to click through the photographs below. (Not sure how to use the viewer? Read the instructions.)

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All photographs Copyright © 2010 Michelle Goodeve


  1. Why Fly? Simply to experience the beauty of the skies as depicted in Michelle’s gorgeous photographs.

  2. If only we could have captured those incredible sky moments that we have seen in our lives. I have seen so many but captured very few. (except in my failing memory) You have captured some beautiful ones Michele. I guess that is what a true photographer can do. ‘Capture” …. beautiful!

  3. Dessie Trohalides

    Michele, you are a gifted photographer ! Thank you for an awesome experience.

  4. Michelle Goodeve

    Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback. More snaps to come very soon! M.

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