Sky Candy – T.J. & The Widge

Take a flight with Michelle Goodeve in “T.J.,” one of only three Thruxton Jackaroo’s left flying in the world. T.J. started out life as a 1937 Tiger Moth, survived active service in WWII, then was converted in the 1950s to a widened, four-seat version. Michelle used to own T.J, and she’s grateful to still occasionally be able to fly her, thanks to Tom Dietrich and the Tiger Boys. Tom and his then-partner Frank Evans rebuilt T.J. to her present glory. Hop right in!

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You can read more about T.J.’s interesting life on the Tiger Boys’ web site.

About the Filmmaker

Fearless Widget Productions is a video production company operated by Glenn Norman and Michelle Goodeve, two of the founders of Why Fly.

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  1. Good but long enough…

  2. Now that was a GREAT slipped three-pointer !!!!

    Now I have flown with The Widge ! Thank you for the ride! :-))

    (I didn’t know that there were twin-engined Moths too )

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