Widgie Flies Canada’s First Cub

Michelle Goodeve makes her first flight in The Tiger Boys’ 1935 Taylor E-2 Cub. CF-ANT was owned by the late Andy McKimmon and was the very first Cub imported into Canada. In the 1940’s, a heavy snow cover slid off Andy’s barn roof and flattened the little airplane. He hung onto the wreckage, then donated it to Tom Dietrich’s “Tiger Boys,” who performed a total restoration on the rare bird. The E-2 still sports its original, single magneto, 40 hp engine, climbs and glides at a leisurely 45 mph, cruises from 55 to 60 mph, and has no brakes whatsoever!

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About the Filmmaker

Fearless Widget Productions is a video production company operated by Glenn Norman and Michelle Goodeve, two of the founders of Why Fly.


  1. Widgies radiant smile says it all ! What else do we need to further the joy of flying !!??

  2. You look good in it kid. Nice slip and landing by the way!

  3. Nice Follow on the slip to the landing.

  4. What a lovely old plane your one lucky lady to get to fly it 🙂

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