RIP Tom Dietrich

Mutual friends may have already heard the news, but for those who haven’t…
It breaks our hearts to have to tell you that Tom Dietrich – our friend for half-a-century – passed away yesterday afternoon.
We are truly, completely & utterly devastated (though we’ve known this day must be coming for quite some time).
Tom was the original creator of Guelph Air Park’s’ “Tiger Boys”, and he – and his wonderful partner, Bob Revell – have played a crucial part in the restoration of Antique Aeroplanes all over the world – AND anchors in our own stormy lives – for decades.
To think that this kind, gentle, considerate man is now gone just doesn’t seem possible.
But he is, and our lives will never be quite the same again.
We also grieve for Bob.
His world has centered on being Tom’s caregiver for years now, and the hole he must feel in his life today is beyond our comprehension.
So, please keep them BOTH in your hearts & thoughts today.
I have a feeling Bob will need all the love & support he can get.
As for our beloved Thomas:
Sleep well, dear friend, as you “Fly west.”
We’ll Listen For You In The Wind…
Glenn Norman & Michelle Goodeve

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