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Why Fly: A Unique Aviation Web Site Celebrates and Explores the Passion for Flight



Cedarville, Ontario, February 16, 2010 – Glenn Norman, Michelle Goodeve, and Mike Singer announced today that they have launched a unique aviation web site:

While most aviation publications and web sites attempt to provide readers with a little of everything, Why Fly has a more directed focus: to celebrate and explore the reasons why people fly (or just plain love aviation).

“Our vision was to create something decidedly different,” says Norman, Why Fly’s Editor. “There are lots of great magazines and sites that will help make you a better, safer pilot. We want to inspire you, and tug at your heart strings a bit.”

Why Fly is a membership web site. Week after week, members will be treated to unique articles, essays, stories, interviews, photos, videos, audio-clips, artwork, and even poems.

“People are drawn to aviation for a lot of different reasons,” explains Goodeve, Why Fly’s Creative Director. “But there’s a common bond of passion—no matter which aspects we love.”

Singer, the project’s Marketing Director, agrees. “I have friends who are fighter pilots, and others who are barnstormers. But you know what? I’d invite them all to the same party.”

Why Fly promises to deliver entertaining and inspiring content from some of the world’s most talented aviation writers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists. “We have quite a lineup of talent in place already,” says Norman. “Some are names you’ll recognize, others we’ve just discovered and want to introduce to the world.”

Norman and Goodeve fell in love with each other, and the sky, when they were teenagers. They began their careers as aviation writers, then spent the next 25 years working as actors, screenwriters, story editors, and producers on numerous TV shows. Most of the stories they wrote were about flying. Both pilots, they had always dreamed of starting an aviation magazine.

Singer, also a pilot, worked at Microsoft on Flight Simulator for more than a decade. Now a freelance writer and marketing consultant, he views Why Fly as a passion project in the truest sense. “We’ve created a place where people can explore the emotional essence of aviation, the intersection where technology and romance converge. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Charles Lindbergh, Neville Shute, and Ernie Gann did this in their writing a long time ago. They’ve had many eloquent successors, including Richard Bach—who has graciously allowed us to reprint one of his classic articles. We’re just taking the idea into the 21st century, and giving it a home online.”

Getting Why Fly off the ground was a team effort. “We couldn’t have done it without contributions from a lot of friends who believed in the idea as much as we did,” Norman says. “As word gets out, writers and photographers all over the world are asking to contribute, so it looks like we’ve really struck a nerve.”

What began life as an idea for a magazine is already becoming something much bigger. Take a look for yourself at



Mike Singer, Marketing Director
Why Fly Inc.


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