Poem: Lilacs and Oil

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Copyright © 2009 Michelle Goodeve


About the Poet

When Michelle Goodeve sold her first article to the late, great Sport Flying magazine, she was barely into her twenties. Nevertheless, Michelle not only took her own photographs, she also created surreal, multiple-image pictures for the piece in her home darkroom.

Since that time, Michelle has rarely left the house without one of her beloved Nikons around her neck; first film, then the digital D80, and her current love, the D90, which she’s equipped with her favourite “piece of glass,” the extraordinary Nikon 18 – 200 mm zoom (allowing her to shoot ground or air-to-air shots without having to change lenses).

As for the darkroom, that’s been replaced by a 17”, Photoshop-equipped laptop that goes with her everywhere. And it’s not unusual to find Michelle hard at work into the wee hours of the night, fine-honing her images, as close as she can, to perfection.

Michelle  is a Co-Founder and the Creative Director of Why Fly. Learn more.

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