Photos: Roy McMillion

Roy McMillion is an up and coming aviation photographer we’re excited to have found. We asked him for a bunch of submissions, and these are a few of our favorites. Look for more images from Roy in the future!

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All photographs Copyright © 2009 Roy McMillion

Roy’s descriptions of his photographs:

“Cub and Mt. Rainier” – “This image is one of my favorites, a visual explanation of why I fly. The Cub belongs to Mike Rutledge, A CFI at OLM (Olympia) and a warbird formation instructor. Mt. Rainier and the Olympia Airport are in the background.”

“Swift Formation” – “Taken at the Concrete Antique Fly-in last summer, this picture is a bunch of guys having fun with airplanes.”

“Hell-er Bust” – A P-51D taken September 2008. The ship is named “Hell-er Bust” and wears the colors of Capt. Edwin L. Heller of the 486th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group. The aircraft is highly polished which combined with the lighting and exposure, makes this image almost look black and white, but it is a full color photo.

“USAF Thunderbirds” – The two solo flyers making a pass. Number 5 is the lead solo, Maj. Samantha Weeks, the first (and thus far only) woman in the lead solo position. She is only the second female to join the team as a pilot.

“Sunset takeoff, Oshkosh 2007” – A departure on one of the last days of Airventure 2007. I think that this is about as close to “iconic” as I’ve ever gotten. Flying off into the sunset on a clear evening, the stuff dreams are made of.

About the Photographer

Roy McMillion is a pilot, a photographer, a Flight Simulator nut, and a general good guy. He lives with his lovely wife and son, two dogs, and two cats in Edmonds, Washington and is currently employed in the computer industry.

“In my work,” says Roy, “I try to not only display an aircraft but to capture a bit of what it means to fly. The allure of the sky and the freedom of flight combined with the machines that make it possible are my focus. I try not just to capture an image of an aircraft, but bring the aircraft into a context that tells a story, or even better, lets the viewer create their own story. There is art in all aspects of aviation, whether it is an artful landing or the precision artistry that creates any machine that takes to the air and I hope to capture a small piece of that in my photographs.

“My passion for aviation began at a young age growing up in Alaska. The day I received my private pilot’s certificate remains one of the best days of my life. It is my hope that through my photography I can bring some of my passion to others.”

You can see more of Roy’s work at

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