Ode to an old Aviator

WhyFly is about the love of flying, and hence, about emotions that go with it. A few months ago Nina and I found ourselves on a small rural airfield just north of San Francisco, waiting to meet an old aviator to show us around the incredible collection of old aircraft stored on and flying from that field.

The airfield was Sonoma Valley Airport ( 0Q3), better known as Schellville Airport. The aviator was William J. Walker Sr.

Alas, we waited in vain, as mr. Walker was taken to hospital just a day before our meeting, and sadly passed away not long ago. One of his friends made a video in remembrance and I think it is fitting to post that video here too. To the man who loved aviation, and one of the many we never met but feel very close to.

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  1. Very nice tribute , Francois.
    Thanks for posting.

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