‘New’ WhyFly 3.0

The  AGAIN “New Improved” Why Fly

Actually, this is a copy of Glenn’s ‘New Why Fly Version 2.0’ message. Just to show you that we are STILL at it in some way or other, the website is STILL ‘in the air’ and we are still planning to continue bringing you aviation news…. time permitting.

And time seems to be the problem, on all involved. Well, that, and money. More on that in a separate message later on. Suffice to say now that we’re still here and still planning to communicate with you all


What will it mean to you?

Quite a bit, actually.

For starters – as of TODAY, Why Fly will become a FREE “publication.”

(Sidebar #1: Those who signed up in the past month will receive a full refund. “Charter Members” who’ve been with us since “Day One” will be receiving an E-mail giving them several options to choose from.)

As for future content, don’t worry. We’ll be delivering even more of the high-quality posts you’ve grown used to; the same kind of wonderful stories, images and videos we’ve planned all along – as well as “Webinars,” “Podcasts,” and much, much more.

How do we intend to do that?

In several ways:

Right off the top, one of our Writers, Francois Dumas, has offered to sponsor Why Fly in the short term through his own “Silver Cloud Publishing” – for which we are deeply grateful. (More about Francois here: www.silvercloudpublishing.com).

Francois will also take on the mantle of Why Fly’s Chief Operating Officer. So, with his help, Why Fly can continue on.

But we are looking for much more assistance if Why Fly is to build into the successful entity we all know it can, and must, become.

Although WhyFly is a labour of love for all involved, ultimately the site will need to make money so we can pay our contributors (and not go bust ourselves).

As promised, Why Fly access will now be free, but we’ll need more Sponsors, Advertisers, & other Commercial Partners if we want to stay aloft.

The “Membership Option” will be gone, but it will be replaced by a “Donate” button. If you are a “Why Fly Fan” and would like to keep Why Fly going, please consider a donation to help us cover operating costs – especially in these early days of “Why Fly 2.”

We’re also planning a Why Fly Store. We’ll notify you as soon as we’re open and will invite you to take a look and see if any of our unique products are of interest to you

But most important of all, please help us “Spread the Word.”

What we need more than anything else is a large audience. So please: Talk about us. Blog about us. Join our new Facebook Fan Page. Tell as many Pilots, Aviators, Fliers and Aviation-Buffs as you can that Why Fly is very much alive and is now completely free.

In the meantime, we are continuing to concentrate on making this the number-one, unique aviation site, “celebrating the passion for flight.”

We are planning special additional content to celebrate Why Fly’s “Free-Launch-Week,” (beginning Sunday, June 6th) so be sure to check back daily next week.

As for the future, please know that you can count on us – and our Contributors – to keep providing new and interesting ways to answer that all important question … Why Fly?

Sincere thanks for your continued support from the Why Fly staff:

Glenn Norman Michelle Goodeve Francois Dumas
President & Editor Creative Director Chief Operating Officer

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