Letter From The Editor

Happy Holidays to all our loyal, Why Fly visitors from Michelle Goodeve and me.

Right off the top, our sincere thanks to Francois Dumas for keeping Why Fly alive (both technically and content-wise). And right after that – sincere apologies for the overly-long delay in getting Why Fly really moving again.

As I explained in my last note (in October!!!), a golden opportunity arose to create a new Aviation TV Series, and that has taken practically every waking minute since. (Really. We’ve been living on 3 hours sleep for months now.)

We had no idea how much work this particular project would require to get up and running, and the whole situation was complicated by the rapidly-approaching onslaught of yet another Canadian winter.

We had hoped to have the pilot episode “in the can” before the snow hit … but we only had time to shoot a Series Demo Reel before we “lost the weather.” So we are now looking at an early spring shoot for “the pilot,” followed – hopefully – by the Series shoot next summer.

The good news is that we have a wonderful, highly-experienced, powerful group of Co-Producers involved with this project, big broadcasters are interested, and Investors are coming on board much faster than we expected.

More than half the budget is already in place, and we’re planning to approach Aviation Investors for the rest.

(Sidebar: The show’s goal is to excite Teens around the world about the possibilities of becoming Pilots. We plan to focus on all the amazing new ways you can become airborne – inexpensively – and hope to feature as many new “Flying Machines” as possible. It is our belief that nothing can provide an introduction to the world of Private Flying for a world-wide audience quite like a weekly TV show. After all, how many of us {with gray in our hair} got started thanks to “Sky King”? Every week, Sky, Penny & Clipper came into our homes and convinced us that it was a normal life-option to become a pilot, buy your own airplane, and tie it down on the runway behind your house. Michelle and I bought it. And we’ve lived that way for most of the past 40 years.)

So if you know of any “deep-pocket” Aviation Investors who are as concerned as we are with getting “The Next Generation of Pilots” into the air … please feel free to point them in our direction. <g>

BTW: We are not Luddites. The Series will have a major web component, and we plan to post many exclusive stories about the new show, right here on Why Fly.

In the meantime…

We have a plan to get Why Fly moving again over the next few weeks.

We’ve never really fully restored all the posts, photo essays and videos that were lost when Why Fly was hacked. (Though Francois did an outstanding job of recovering the bulk of this site.) Getting all past-posts back up and running is our first priority.

We also have a lot of new stories, Photo Essays and Exclusive Videos in our inventory. Getting those posted will come next.

Then, we’ll try to get back to as much new material as time will allow us.

We can’t promise the 2 – 3 items a week we managed in the past right now – though there will be a steady stream of new material. But once the Series is going, our plans to link it with Why Fly should allow us to make this Online Aviation Journal bigger and better than ever.

We look forward to making this all happen and – on behalf of myself, Michelle and our long-suffering partner, Francois – The Very Happiest of Holidays to all of you.

Yours most sincerely,

Glenn Norman

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