Glenn Matthews Goes Wing Walking!

Accompanying Chapter 5 of his life story, Glenn Matthews found this old bit of film footage  of the Wing Walk he did. It is shot with an old 8mm camera, so the quality is not ‘digital’. Nonetheless we wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!

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  1. Wow … Mike Edwards was a family friend! We used to go to his hobby shop all the time … Small world!

    Great film, Glenn – I have great memories of attending Abbotsford, even though I’m pretty sure that you were the guy who insulted our airplane every year … 🙂

  2. Also worth pointing out that N121R is sitting about 100 yards to my left as I write this …

  3. Now, just a dang sec, Hal….my memory must be firing on less than all cylinders cause I can’t recall what aircraft I “allegedly” insulted. Please, please, clarify!
    How can you be sitting next to the Super Stearman? Isn’t it permanently at Oshkosh?
    Yes, Mike Edwards was one fine fellow, generous to a fault and totally misunderstood and poorly treated by a number of the high muckimucks at Abbotsford. Year after year Mike would book a number of motel suites prior to the show and then throw them open for the guys to ‘party”, helping it along with his own brand of ‘Screech” It’s a wonder that the Airforce demo pilots could even climb into their cockpits the next day let alone pull any G’s. Glenn.

  4. LOL.
    Play nice, kiddies.
    Glenn, Hal’s referring to the fact that his family felt their “Bamboo Bomber” was being overlooked when it appeared at Abbotsford. Hal’s late Mother had a word with someone (possibly you or Mike?). And after that, Hal said it was as if their airplane was the only aircraft at the show. Apparently the Announcer (you or Mike?) showered their beloved machine with praise. So all ended well. Also: re R121R being permanently at Oshkosh … so is Hal. Mike sounds like a great guy. I can understand why you miss him.

  5. Ah, thanks, Glenn. Now I remember. The Cessna Crane was given a back seat initially but after a tongue lashing was soon corrected and I must admit we then went somewhat overboard in talking up its unique features, such as the all wood construction and also getting in a mention that some of my wireless training was on just such an airplane.
    I’m just kidding about the tongue lashing. Hal is quite fortunate living in Oshkosh…getting to drool over all those airplanes all the time.

  6. Ah! So both my highly-valued friends are on good terms again.

  7. Glenn M …
    The thing that rankled us was not that it was getting “overlooked” – it was you had something nice to say about every other antique in the flybys, beautiful restorations, etc., but when you got to us, all you said, year after year, was the tired joke about hoping the “termites keep holding hands!”

    Anyway, thanks to Glenn N. for helping bring closure to this bit of family drama, some 30+ years on! 🙂

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