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As some of you will have noticed, there appears to have been a dearth of new material during the past week.

Sincere apologies. Our I.T. Director (C.O.O. & Co-Pilot) François Dumas is on vacation in Italy, and the briefings he gave before departing don’t appear to have sunk in.

I can say this with some confidence after spending 3 hours trying to post my latest “Fearless” column and about the same time attempting to update the “Update!” box on the right.


a)      François got in touch from Italy and straightened out my column. (Click on the “Columns” tab above, then slide right from “Fearless” to “Virtually Flying” {a tribute to our Flight Sim Members}.)

b)      François should be back at his summer home in France Sunday evening, so we should be “returning to normal” in the early part of next week.

Meanwhile, as I have learned how to “Post,” I’ll take this opportunity to let you know what’s been recently updated, what’s about to be posted, and what’s “Coming Soon.”

I’ve heard some Members aren’t aware of the “Editor’s Desk” tab at the top of the page. I’m hoping to add comments there on as-close-to-a-daily basis as I can manage. If you haven’t already checked this out, it may be worth catching up on the posts that are already there.

As mentioned, my new Fearless Column, “Virtually Flying” is now available for your reading pleasure.

And Episode #17 of “Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear” will be posted tomorrow, Sunday, July 18th.

Under “Coming Soon,” we have a whole batch of new material standing by:

  • Michelle Goodeve’s latest Photo Essay, “Below,” will arrive next week.
  • “Dirty Hands & Broken Backs,” a great new story from Paul Tomascik, is in its final stages.
  • “Electric Air,” a new Birdwoman column will soon be posted.
  • A new Sky Candy video is in the works.
  • And François will have a new Navman column (as soon as he recovers from his “vacation”).


We are very proud to announce the imminent arrival of video clips from European Aerialist, Crystalle’s, extraordinarily moving Earhart tribute, “Adagio for Amelia.”

Watch for that (and several related items) in the next two weeks.

We are also hard at work on several other projects and will be introducing our membership to a spate of new Writers in the months to come.

But for now, excuse my I.T. ineptness, and let’s all look forward to François imminent return.

Thanks & cheers till next time,

Glenn Norman


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  1. Hi everybody,

    and sorry Glenn

    We returned to our Eagle’s Nest here in the Alps and after some fiddling my PC here started again, so I am now back up to speed. Sort of. This IS supposed to be a working holiday 😉

    Glenn is doing a great job though, since he DID manage to get most new content up and running. So I guess I can – after some minor tweaks here and there – get back on my motorbike and head off into the sunset again…… .

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