Flying Through ‘My Mountains’

Through the wonderful ‘Facebook’ list of friends I stumbled onto a video depicting the flying that I have been doing most. And no, I am not a ‘normal’ student pilot, as you will see. Most start flying in a Cessna 150 or similar, preferably in nice weather and over flat fields. I, on the other hand, had most of my stick time in the mountains. In the EXACT same place as where this excellent video is shot. So after seeing it you know MY fascination for flying and mountains. Enjoy !

Vol Montagne Chapitre 1 – Film from Julien JAY on Vimeo.


  1. Beautiful and mesmerizing videos about flying – which in itself is beautiful and mesmerizing. Thankyou for a wonderful site.

  2. Many thanks for joining us Larry! We’re still hoping to get the site ‘more active’ again soon !

  3. That is a gorgeous video Francois. I spent many hours flying through slightly less mighty mountains on Vancouver Island and mainland of BC in an Arrow, a Warrior and my last plane a Comanche. It’s always breathtaking and sometimes downright scary if you have misread the conditions. I don’t think I appreciated it enough when I was there. Maybe one day I will do it once more.

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