Changes again

HAH! You were expecting us to give up, weren’t you!? Well, SORRY……. we won’t.

So we’re now working at setting up WhyFly differently once again……. and hopefully more active and more interesting too. That’s the goal! What we’re also doing is integrating a little shop. We are running on fumes with the site for years already, paying it out of our own pockets….. and they’re empty. So maybe we can get just a few hundred bucks to keep things running for a year again?

Since NOTHING has EVER happened fast here, do not expect the changes to end anytime soon. We’ll work on it in between our struggle for life….. and some travel… and some flying….. we’re also DROPPING the PAID MEMBERSHIP ‘thing’ for now. We all know that was a dud from the start, but hey…… there have been many duds in history AND YET WE FLY!

So bear with us while we launch yet another brave attempt in keeping this alive. Not  because we can’, but because ‘we have a passion’.

Michelle, Glenn and Francois

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