RIP Tom Dietrich

Mutual friends may have already heard the news, but for those who haven’t…It breaks our hearts to have to tell you that Tom Dietrich – our friend for half-a-century – passed away yesterday afternoon.We are truly, completely & utterly devastated (though we’ve known this day must be coming for quite…

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50 years PPL !

Well… Here it is: “December 7th, A Day That Will Live In Infamy…” Oh – not the 76th anniversary of the botched attack on Pearl Harbor (which was never intended to be a surprise {though I don’t mean to defend “the enemy’s” actions – named, as I am, after a…

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Working on it

Yes I realize this is boring…. updates about the updates. But behind the scenes a lot is going on, even though you cannot readily see the results of it yet. Trust me, we’re working on reviving the site and once I (Francois) have my internet running again here in Italy…

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Website ‘issues’

Yes, we have a few ‘issues’. One being most photos and videos having disappeared when we were attacked by hackers a few years ago. I then had to re-start the entire site, in another place, with another ‘theme’….. after which we all headed in different directions and time got the…

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‘New’ WhyFly 3.0

The  AGAIN “New Improved” Why Fly Actually, this is a copy of Glenn’s ‘New Why Fly Version 2.0’ message. Just to show you that we are STILL at it in some way or other, the website is STILL ‘in the air’ and we are still planning to continue bringing you…

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On Richard’s Crash…

We’ve been trying to find a moment in time to get this badly-neglected web site up and running again (and many thanks to Francois Dumas for keeping it alive), but with so many projects on the go, achieving that has been near-impossible. However, recent events demand that we get WhyFly…

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We’re just not giving up !

…. aka The Return of WhyFly – Again Glenn asked me to post these NEW articles for you, so I’ll shut up from here and leave the stage to him. Enjoy ! I can’t believe it’s been ten months since the last episode of “Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear.” Michelle…

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We’re back… sort of !

To all those who kept coming back, wondering what happened, THANK YOU. To all those visiting here for the first time, maybe just curious….. welcome! Yes, we’ve been ‘dormant’ for almost a year. NOT what we had envisaged 2 years ago, and not what we wanted. But lets face it,…

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From the Editor

Okay, folks. Don’t faint, but – yes – that is a new episode of “Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear” you see posted here today. As I stated back on Christmas Eve – WhyFly is far from dead, and the only reason for the sudden dearth of new material was/is an…

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A Seafire at Oshkosh

Maybe not what we your regularly (tongue-in-cheek) publish on WhyFly, but someone pointed me to this little video of a Seafire and its restorer/owner at Oshkosh. Being an old Spitfire fan myself, I just could not resist to share this man’s enthusiasm and knowledge for and of the old lady.…

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Letter From The Editor

Happy Holidays to all our loyal, Why Fly visitors from Michelle Goodeve and me. Right off the top, our sincere thanks to Francois Dumas for keeping Why Fly alive (both technically and content-wise). And right after that – sincere apologies for the overly-long delay in getting Why Fly really moving…

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Happy Holidays !!!

Although things have gone quiet a bit lately, alright MORE than a bit, we are still very much here and preparing for a more lively 2011! We’ll be getting there, for sure 🙂 Meanwhile, Nina, my dear wife of many decades and myself would like to wish all of you…

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Interview With Michelle

Our Editor-at-Large will surely forgive me for posting this short message, but I simply could not let it pass. Our own Michelle was Mrs. Avery in another life, the famous teacher in the also famous tv series Degrassi Junior High. And this weekend the ‘Agony Booth’ website posted an in-depth…

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WhyFly is back alive!

Dear members, supporters and readers, Why Fly’s website was attacked by a Russian made malware virus on August 15th. Together with 10 other sites of the 31 I currently run and manage. It was able to get in because of 3 seconds inattentiveness from yours truly. And it has cost…

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Oshkosh 2010 Special

Why Fly is proud to present Photo Essays from two of our talented contributors. Roy McMillion is one of our original Charter Contributors. Scott Burris we all know as a fine writer, but we had no idea he was also an excellent photographer. Roy & Scott know each other and…

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From the Editor’s Desk

‘Acting as Glenn’ I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the new content we’ve posted over the past weeks, even though it is summer time and some of us are traveling or busy in other ways. But first of all let us thank you for coming back…

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From The Editor’s Desk

As some of you will have noticed, there appears to have been a dearth of new material during the past week.

Sincere apologies. Our I.T. Director (C.O.O. & Co-Pilot) François Dumas is on vacation in Italy, and the briefings he gave before departing don’t appear to have sunk in.

I can say this with some confidence after spending 3 hours trying to post my latest “Fearless” column and about the same time attempting to update the “Update!” box on the right.


a) François got in touch from Italy and straightened out my column. (Click on the “Columns” tab above, then slide right from “Fearless” to “Virtually Flying” {a tribute to our Flight Sim Members}.)

b) François should be back at his summer home in France Sunday evening, so we should be “returning to normal” in the early part of next week.

Meanwhile, as I have learned how to “Post,” I’ll take this opportunity to let you know what’s been recently updated, what’s about to be posted, and what’s “Coming Soon.”

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