Photo Essay: Birdwoman Flies!

Five years ago, Why Fly Founder/Contributing Editor Michelle Goodeve landed her Pietenpol in the field behind her house, and snagged a groundhog hole with her tailwheel. As several feet of lower longeron remained behind, Michelle decided the time had come to rebuild her beloved bird.

She took the airplane apart, stored the 29’ wing in a neighbour’s barn, the engine in her kitchen, and—with the help of half the residents in her rural hamlet—moved the fuselage into her dining room so she could get the rebuild done as fast as possible.

What she had not counted on was the speeding teen who smashed into the back of her car in a classic, Canadian “white-out.” As a result, Michelle ended up with chronic back pain. So a job that should have taken one year took five!

However—with a lot of help from her friends—the Pietenpol is once again back in the air.

So here is a pictorial record of one Birdwoman’s early post-restoration flights, witnessed by Michelle’s young friend (and next door neighbour), Josh McIntosh.

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To read the story behind “Birdwoman,” read Michelle’s first column.


About the Photographer

When Glenn Norman sold his first aviation article, he had to pay a photographer more than he earned for the story! So in order to illustrate his own articles, he bought a camera, bulk film and darkroom equipment, then taught himself how to become a photographer. Over the years, Glenn has done everything from aerial photography to “snapping pix” of 60,000 kids in malls (to raise money for his first play, “Flier: The Musical of Flight”).

He resisted the switch to digital as long as possible, but has now fallen in love with the new world of imaging (and Photoshop!)

Glenn is a Founder and the Editor of Why Fly. Learn more.

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