Arlington Fly-in Report

Kate Beckett (no, not the one from TV series “Castle”), turns her camera on the Arlington Air Show held in Washington State. Note the opening shot with Why Fly Contributor (and Kate’s husband) Glenn Mathews,¬†selling Biplane Rides.

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All photographs Copyright © 2010 Kate Beckett

Kate Beckett of Victoria, BC , Canada, has an interest in nature, aviation, flowers, horses, travel and art … and can usually be found with a camera in her hand.


  1. I was just looking for some shade. The biplane pilot conned me into holding the fort while he wandered off for coffee. In response to the ladies question, “Is it safe?” I assured her the pilot would fly “low and slow”! Her husband got quite a kick out of that.
    I’m always more than impressed with Kate’s ability with a camera.

  2. Nice photo’s Kate! You really captured the barnstormers area.

  3. Great shots Kate, and welcome to the Contributors Team!

  4. Re what the Dutch guy said …

  5. Thanks all!

  6. great to see real aeroplanes and not acres of military hardwear not all people are intrested in military aeroplanes love the pics briliant ,
    lets have more !!!

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