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Dear Aviation Enthusiast,

Most aviation web sites and magazines attempt to provide you with a little of everything. Our focus is more directed: to celebrate and explore the reasons why we fly.

If you love aviation … really love it deep down inside in a way that makes your heart flutter when you hear an airplane pass by overhead … in a way you rarely express to other people … then we’re pretty sure you’re going to love Why Fly.

We “get it.” Just like you.

Whether we fly antique biplanes or glass cockpit jets, we approach the experience of flight with curiosity, and a never-ending sense of wonder. We have a reverence for the fact that we’re lucky enough to live in a time in which we can look at, listen to, touch, and even fly our own airplanes.

If flying is just a job, or only a means of getting from point A to point B, then Why Fly probably isn’t for you.

But if you get more than a little giddy every time you see, hear, or climb into an airplane  … then keep reading.

Who we are …

Before you climb aboard, it’s only fair that you know who’s at the controls. We’re all pilots, and we all love aviation as much as you do.

Glenn Norman and Michelle Goodeve fell in love with each other, and the sky, when they were teenagers. They began their careers as aviation writers, then spent the next 25 years working as actors, screenwriters, story editors, and producers on numerous TV shows. Most of the stories they wrote were about flying. They had always dreamed of starting an aviation magazine. They live in a rural hamlet about two hours northwest of Toronto.

Francois Dumas worked most of his life in IT, and although he is of Dutch nationality, much of that time he was on the payroll of US corporations in executive positions. More importantly he is a life-long aviation nut who somehow always managed NOT to get a PPL. When his corporate career ended, Francois decided to go it alone and leave the corporate rat race to the ‘youngsters’. He founded Silver Cloud Publishing in 2005 and has successfully been publishing Flight Simulator software ever since. He is also a writer for various on-line and paper publications, designs and hosts web sites and runs a motorbike touring company. And now he does the IT stuff for Why Fly as well.

Getting this project off the ground took a lot of time and effort. We couldn’t have done it without contributions from a lot of friends who believed in Why Fly as much as we did.

Our original idea was to create a magazine. That morphed into an “online journal.” Now, Why Fly is becoming something even bigger: a virtual family of like-minded souls.

Here’s what we’ve got for you …

Our mission at Why Fly is to seek out the best communicators of the flying experience from around the world, and bring their finest work to you.

Week after week you’ll discover:

  • Articles about airports, airplanes, and the people who fly them.
  • Essays ranging from first-person retrospectives to scholarly food for thought.
  • Stories that get your heart pounding, and make you laugh.
  • Interviews with aviation luminaries … and folks just like you.
  • Photos that will inspire you, and show you familiar things from new perspectives.
  • Videos that will capture the Why Fly way of seeing.
  • Audio clips of machines and people that you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • Artwork that will fuel your imagination.
  • Recommendations for books, films, videos, and music that will keep you inspired and entertained when you’re stuck on the ground.

As a Why Fly member, you’ll have access to unique content you won’t find anywhere else: words, images, and sounds that capture and explore the emotional essence of why we fly.

You’ll get to know many of the world’s most talented aviation writers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists. Some, you’ll recognize. Others, we’ve just discovered ourselves. They’ll remind you why you became so passionate about flying in the first place. They’ll entertain and enlighten you. They’ll make you smile. They’ll make you think.

Providing you with inspiring content is just the beginning. We’ll soon be adding even more features, including:

  • A forum where you can get to know all the contributors and your fellow Why Fly members.
  • Live online “webinars,” during which you can personally interact with some of aviation’s most interesting personalities.
  • A Why Fly store featuring unique aviation products that will help you express why you fly, including prints of selected photographs that appear on the site.
  • Discounts on intriguing aviation merchandise from Why Fly partners … carefully selected just for you.
  • Live get-togethers at select aviation events, so you can meet the members of our growing Why Fly Family in person.

Here’s what to do now …

If you’ve read this far, then clearly something resonates. We’d like to invite you to become a Member of the Why Fly Family today, and see for yourself what Why Fly is all about.

Membership is FREE.

So we need your support. Although it is certainly not mandatory, a small donation now and then would help us enormously in these early days, and will be appreciated more than we can tell you !

Just click the “Become a Why Fly Family Member” button below, and a few minutes from now you’ll have access to everything on the site.


We think we’re doing something really special at Why Fly.

Join us … we know you’ll agree.

See you on the inside!

Glenn Norman, Michelle Goodeve, and Francois Dumas

Glenn Norman Michelle Goodeve Francois Dumas

P.S. Remember … we’re just getting off the ground, again. Sign up as a Member now and help us stay ‘alive’ by donating to our cause! (Years from now you’ll be glad you did!)

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